Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 Months

So my last blog was all words, so this one will be all pictures.
Happy 3 months my baby! These photos were done by Megumi Maris. She did an awesome job! Thank you so much.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mixed Feelings

No pictures on this blog... Sorry all of you visual people.
So the countdown has hit 11 days. WOW I can't believe it.
I am so excited to see all of our friends and family, but as our time here comes to a close I can't help but think about how much I am going to miss our humble little life here. Everyone says that they look back to the poor days in the beginning of their marriage and realize that they were some of the best of their life.
I don't need to look back; I know it now.
Chris and I have had to learn to live with 0 space. If we want some "alone" time, we have to go in the bathroom, which is so small that you get claustrophobic in about five minutes. Because of this, we do everything together. We play a ridiculous amount of games (including hide and go seek... ya in a studio it's pretty challenging). We make Christmas cookies. We watch Modern Family. We eat taco madness. We leave the shower nozzle up so that the other person gets sprayed when they try to take a bath. And most importantly, we love each other like crazy. So much so, that we don't mind living in a place barely bigger than a cardboard box, because we're together.
Our friends and neighbors have made this place home for us. Whether it's deep frying turkey, playing the acting game, dressing up to play cards, going all out for the super bowl, or camping out at the beach, they have made this place the best. They have been our family away from home and I will forever be grateful for all that they have given to me. They will be in my memory forever.
As you can see, I'm a bit mixed about the upcoming move. Change is always hard... Well I guess not hard, just different. We are so excited about the new phase of our life, but saying goodbye to this place that we've made home will be difficult.