Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

This year was my golden birthay. 23 on the 23rd... And it was golden! Here are some of the reasons why:

I got to wake up to this cute boy! He's wearing a swim suit that used to be Chris's. I love it!

I went surfing while Chris watched Milo on the beach. Then later in the day, Chris and I went paddle surfing. We went up this canal that was loaded with turtles. Most people are all excited to see them, but Chris and I are scared of them. They are pretty scary up close. Every time that Chris and I fell off the board, we'd scrammble to get back on as quickly as possible and Chris would yell, "ah, my pecker. They are going to get my pecker." It was pretty hilarious.
We went to an awesome dinner. We saw this place on the Travel Channel, and decided to splurge and try it out. They make ceasar salad dressing at your table, and serve it up. It was fun and yummy.
Chris made a rule that I was not allowed to drink water on my Birthday. Instead I drank luxary juices all day, and had Sherly Temples with dinner. I felt very high society.

Other great things not photographed:
-Going shopping for non pregnant clothes. Also I made Chris look on-line at boots for several hours. He was such a good sport.
-Getting fun birthday cards from friends and family. I'm looking forward to using everything that I received.
-Chris made me cinnamon rolls, french toast, scrambled eggs, and fresh strawberries for breakfast.
-Chris made a playlist of all of the number 1 hits from 1987. There were some fun ones, and it was a cute idea.
-Also Chris informed me of all of the celebrities that share my birthday. Hannah Montana, Billy the kid, some famouse sumo wrestler, an a chess master....
Golden birthday was awesome!!! I wish it was my birthday again tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Month and Packing on Pounds

Here is a quick update on our little guy.

He weighs 10 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!

He had his first play date. She was cute too!
His head is big enough to wear these beenies that make him look like a gangster. Chris is thrilled.

Chris is hoping that someone wants him to play the baby Jesus.

He's graduated from floating, to sitting in the tub.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I feel like every stage of life is filled with "I can't wait for" and "I'm really going to miss."

18 months ago I felt like we were going to be here for an eternity.
Now there is only 6 weeks until the big move from Hawaii to Utah and I'm wondering where the time went.

I Can't Wait For
- Time with our family!
- Seeing old friends. (Especially the ones who are going for the otter pop dream:))
- Being able to play volleyball.
- An apartment or a house where my bed, fridge, and t.v. aren't all in the same room.
- Clean buildings. Ant free. Roach free. Mold free. It's been so long, I wonder if such places really exist?!
- Boots, boots, boots. It's too freaking hot here to even think about boots, but I can't wait to dig into the box that holds my pointy black leather, soft furry swade, and chocolate delightfulness.
- Spring. I miss the seasons... Not really winter. Call me corny, but I miss the first green on the trees, warm summer nights, and the crisp air in the fall.
- oh, did I mention I'm excited to be with our family?
- and yep, one more shout out to the fam!

I'm sure going to miss (in no particular order)
- Hukilau cafe. I heart rice for breakfast.
- Hearing the palm trees rustle.
- All of our wonderful friends, neighbors, and ward members. We have been so very very blessed to be with so many wonderful people. But it's not goodbye forever.
-Living so close to the temple.
- Of course, the beach. It's free, it's fun, and it's wonderful!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Who Knew; I love Halloween!

This Halloween was SO much fun. It officially bumped Halloween from 7th to 3rd on my holiday favorite list. Here are some reasons why:

It's fun to dress up a baby! Also I'd like to note that Chris made his hat. It took him several hours, and a few hundred staples, but I think that it was well worth it.
They were out of pumpkins, so we settled for watermelons. Chris and I carved a shark... Well, moreso Chris carved a shark. I was just there for moral support:) Oh, and also I provided the bobbie pin for the scuba diver.
We went to two Halloween parties. At the first we bobbed for apples, played the doughnut on a string game, heard scary stories, and had pumpkin bread and root beer. It was all of the things that I love about the holiday.
The second Halloween party was with our ward. The food was awesome, there was lots of it, and everyone was so fun to be around.
Halloween was awesome! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then it will be graduation and Christmas! Yay. This is such a good time of year.