Monday, November 14, 2011

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Have you seen this show?
Pretty ridiculous right?
Totally unbelievable?
Ya, I'm a believer.
Found out about a week ago that I am 11 weeks pregnant.
I was clueless.
It was a fluke that we even found out.
I know it sounds crazy. Like um, weren't you missing something?
No, I wasn't.
We hadn't pulled the goalie.
I had no reason to even suspect.
My stomach had been hurting for about two months. I thought I had an ulcer. The doctor sent me in for a C.T. and came back saying that everything looked good in my stomach. . . except there was something abnormal about my uterus. He said that based off of the images they suspected a couple of things could be going on: 1- There was a cyst growing. 2- There was some kind of tumor. 3- I had miscarried some time ago and my body was unable to get rid of it.
Two days later I went in for an ultrasound so we could figure out just what was going on.
Longest two day wait of my life.
I get there and the lady starts the procedure. She says, "Oh, there's a baby." In my mind I think, "How sad." Then the lady says, "watch it's moving." MOVING? .... MOVING? I ask the stupid question, "so it's alive?" The lady kind of laughs and says, "Ya, and it's pretty big." We heard the heartbeat and watched him squirm around. Holy cow, ready or not, here comes baby #2!
The craziest part about this, is that we had decided that we weren't going to try to have any more children. Of course we wanted more children, but we found out that there is about a 8% chance that either me or the baby will die in the process. We had made this decision maybe a week or two before the C.T. It hurt so bad to think that we weren't going to get to be parents again. But we knew that we had been so blessed to have Milo, and decided that we would find a way to be happy with just one.
Well, Heavenly Father obviously had different plans for us.
We are optimistic that everything is going to be fine, because we know without a doubt that this baby was not an oops. It was an answer to our prayers. We did not know if we had the faith to take that leap again. If ever there was a clear answer, that kicking baby on the monitor was it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Walls, Windows, and Doors... and Snow:(

We didn't beat the first snow storm of the year, but our house is coming along GREAT!
I can't wait to fill up those rooms.

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Official

This giant hole will someday (hopefully in the NEAR future) will be our home!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Look a Band Wagon-Jump On It!

I've been jumping into a lot of things because they are "in" right now.
1st- The Help

Loved it! Read it in three days. Couldn't put it down. Minnie's poop... Hilarious.

2nd- Refinishing furniture.

HIDEOUS NIXON!!!! My first attempt was a DISASTER!
However I love the new look to my vanity.

3rd- Pretending I'm a photographer

Cute kids + my dad's expensive camera= good looking pictures.
#4. In LOVE with musicals

Mary Poppins rocked my world.
I can't wait for the next fad to fall deeply in love with!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Figuring out Food

Milo is NOT a fan of eating... I wish that I had the same problem!

We have tried everything to get him to open his mouth for food, and I mean everything.
Technique #1- I sing and dance while Chris tries to shove it in.

Technique #2- We trick him with yummy foods like Cheetos and Fatboys, and then try to swap it out for peas or normal baby food.

Technique #3- Letting him put the food in his mouth and not looking at him. (may seem weird, but it worked for a brief period).

Technique #4- Dragging the highchair outside.

As soon as we think that we've found something that works, Milo switches it up on us and refuses to eat. Oh, also he does this thing where if he is unhappy about eating, he will hold his breath until he gags and throws up.

What a little stinker.

These last two days that I have found success in a couple of ways:

-Letting him crush his food and get INCREDIBLY messy.

-Letting him watch TV while eating. Judge Judy and Jesus channel are his favorites.

The one thing that Milo does love about eating.... Getting cleaned up after.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Birthday Bash

Chris turned 26! What an old fart:) He still had a monster truck birthday cake.
And celebrated with eating contests....

My dad dominated (note his gold medal).
The girls threw down with the classic doughnut on a string.

And Hotts took 2nd place in the watermelon eating!

Happy birthday my old turkey!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nothing is Sweeter than Summertime

We have been living in the sun.
Walking in the grass
Playing golf

And a whole lot of swimming
Chris decided that the fake Nemo toy wasn't good enough, and added a live goldfish to the pool. I was scared of it, but Milo loved it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mamma Mia!

Chris picked up on my subtle hints and took me to see Mamma Mia at the Capitol Theater!

I L-O-V-E-D it!

I even bought a ridiculously over priced t-shirt to prove it.


-Rocking/ridiculous costumes.

-Over the top plot.

-Dance moves that include flippers.

-The fact that they call someone a dark horse.


-Fun lyrics that make you want to get up an boogie.

So I have to admit, I secretly wanted to just run up on stage and sing my heart out, and dance my butt off. For some reason when I see Mamma Mia, I think that I am really good at both (which I'm not), and I have the sudden urge to make a complete fool of myself. So inspiring!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Gots Thigh Envy!

Yesterday I was at a wedding. I was walking Milo around, when my good friend Corinne yells out, "Missy, your skirt is falling off of your butt!" Sure enough-it was riding mid cheek.

Baby got back was not written for me.

24x38x34...... ya right.

more like


Valuptuous, cuvy, bootylicious. All adjectives that will never describe me.

Unfortunatley, Milo has inherited my no bumb syndrome.

At his 9 month check in he was in the 80% for height, but only the 2nd% for weight.

Our pants are always falling off.

We hate belts.

Overalls just aren't socially acceptable.

So, we live with the envy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milo's BIG week!

Milo has really stepped it up this week.

He fed himself baby Cheetos. . . on the very first try!

Some babies smell like sweet lotion, others a soft new baby scent... Not my boy, I swear now he permanently smells like cheese.

Milo drank from a straw. Now he wants to all of the time. He looks so funny behind that giant cup.

He has been trying to crawl. Hasn't quite caught on to the fact that his arms and legs have to be working in unison, but he's definately perfecting the parts.

And last but not least, he has a tooth! He wasn't even too fussy or anything, but he bit my finger on Tuesday, and oh ouch, he's got a snaggle tooth popping out! Ya, pretty sure me and my breast pump just became best friends. . .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Could Happen. . .

The bank called today

Very exciting!

It's not a done deal yet, but it's looking really good. HALLELUJAH!!!!

10 Things I Can't Wait to Do in Our New House:
1- Have BBQ's and Minute to Win It parties.
2- Walk around naked.
3- Plant a garden.
4- Unpack all of our barely used wedding gifts.
5- Let Milo cry it out when he needs to.
6- Make cookies in my own oven (from a tube of course, as many of you know, even though I am an excellent cook, I suck at baking!)
7- Hang pictures in our hallway, yes for the first time in my life I could own a hallway!
8- Make forts in the living room on Friday nights.
9- Mow the lawn.
10- Unpack for the LAST time. (We have moved six times in two and a half years)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Origin of Bird and Fish

Someone once told me that Melissa just doesn't fit. It's too stuffy and too serious. So I became Bird.

When Chris was a little boy, he pursed his lips and squinted his eyes and someone called out, "hey fish face!" Somehow the nickname stuck and he became Fish.

Together we are Bird and Fish.

When my mother-in-law was searching for our blog, she typed in Bird and Fish in Google, and this was the first thing that came up. Some how the internet gurus gave us this perfect poem.

The only author listed is Issues09.... Well Issues09, I hope that you are getting those issues sorted out, and in the mean time, thank you for this poem!!!

The Bird and The Fish

There once was a bird
She had all she could want.
Freedom, love
Nothing could stop her.
Or so she thought.

There once was a fish
He had all he wanted.
He roamed the sea
No ties to hold him down
But secretly he wanted more

There once was a bird and a fish
One day by the ocean,
they met and became friends.

He loved hearing the birds tales of other lands
She was free and could fly away anytime.
Something he could never do.

The bird loved hearing his stories
Tales of legends of life under the water
It was different
Something she could never really experience

There once was a bird and a fish
And they fell in love.
Impossible you would think that
The two most unlikely creatures
Could ever meet
and fall in love.

They did though.

They loved being near each other
And though the question is asked
how will that work? Where will they live?

The answer is simple. . .
Who cares?

For they love each other an that is all that matters.
There once was a bird and a fish.