Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yarding Gems

This summer I became a yard sale freak. My brother always says, "One man's junk is another mans...junk". Maybe that is true, but I bought a ton of "junk" that we have really enjoyed. Here are some of my favorites finds from this years yard sales.

Sand table: $5
Rocking Chair (that I refinished): $5
 Scoop, which worked great for Milo's Halloween costume: $3
Glider with footrest: $10 -Kind of a splurge, but it was for charity.
Christmas reindeer and sleigh: $4
Sick bike: $10 -I pride this as my best find.  It's a schwin and someone tried to snake me out of it right after I bought it by offering the seller double.  I almost had to get pissed.
Flats: $4 *There are common sense rules at a yard sale.  Never buy a mattress, and never buy used shoes... It's just weird.  However I broke this rule because they still had the tag on them.   
 This gem was 40 bucks and wel worth it.
 Can't wait for spring!!!