Monday, March 19, 2012

Crash Course to Becoming a Big Boy

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Ya, I let Milo stir and cook everything we eat.
I hold his hand or play boo the whole time I shower.
I haven't left him at nursery because I am too nervous...

Well, that all has to change.
With a new baby on the way, Milo is going to need some independence.
and I am going to need Milo to have some independence.
So I have 8 weeks to turn him into a big boy.
It makes me sad just to think about it.

So-Here are the ground rules.......... Don't judge me for still doing these things. I know that he is 18 months, but what can I say I'm a just like Cam, a coddler.

- No more picking him up when he cries out in the night for mom cuddles.... It's pretty pathetic when he cries until he sees me and then says, "hi mama." and points to the couch. It's even more pathetic that at 2 o'clock in the morning that makes me laugh and I pick him up and carry him over.

- No more bottles. I always make excuses for using a bottle instead of his sippee. Like, "those things are so hard to drink out of." "they spill all over." "He needs a break." He only has 2 bottles a day now, which I also use as an excuse, but not anymore. Big boys drink from cups.
-Limits need to be drawn. I let Milo play with whatever he wants. My mom is also an enabler of this. Some of Milo's favorite games, that I realize probably should be off limits are: climbing in the oven and driving his cars. Playing with the little hot sauce bottles in the fridge. Carrying the dogs food into different rooms. Diving down the stairs into mom's arms, and playing with open toothpaste containers. They are just so darn entertaining.. . .
Milo is just my little buddy. I let him get away with murder sometimes (probably most of the time), because he is just so stinking cute! But with our new house, and new baby on the way, there are going to be new rules. I hope that we can both make it through!