Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Time Fishing

Chris and I both come from families of fishermen/women.  For whatever reason, it never stuck with either of us.  We have the a.d.d. way too bad.  But on Memorial Day I really wanted to do something in nature with the kids.  Problem is, the mountains are like 40 minutes from here, which with Crew is like an eternity.  Plus once we got there we would have a very short amount of time before we needed to head back for naps, so we came up with plan B: Coldwater Fish Farm.
They hand you the pole, you don't use bait, and you are guaranteed a fish within ten minutes.  that's my kind of fishing!
These mugs are attempting a "fish face".
 Taya was SO patient.  She let Milo fish first and never complained once.  It took her about 8 minutes to catch her fish... which in 2 year old little girl time is quite a while.   As soon as her fish came out of the water, she panicked.  She squealed and ran and tackled Chris's legs for safety. 

 It was adorable!

 Milo was the exact opposite.  As soon as his fish came out of the water he wanted to kiss it and hold it and show it to everyone that walked by. 
Like seriously wouldn't put it down.  I had tried to tell him that these fish aren't pets, instead you eat them.  He seemed fine with this idea until he was actually holding it.  Then he said, "not me!  I'm keeping mine forever! Even if he dies I will still love him and keep him in my room."  
At one point I was feeding Crew lunch, and Milo kept putting his fish right in my face and saying, "Mom, say hi to my pet fishy.  Isn't he so cute!"  I grimaced and told him that he should put it back in the bucket.  Which was immediately followed by a very serious, "why?"  I told him that the fish was kind of stinky and I didn't like it in my face.  So Milo takes a big old whiff of that thing and says, "I love it. I'm holding him all day." . . . and he basically did.
 Crew is at a tricky stage.  He didn't love fishing because he really really just wanted to get in the water.  He can't walk yet, but he thinks he can.  So we held hands and tip toe walked the entire pond.  He's also learned to whine even when he is happy and smiling.  It can be very confusing, so I just try to tell myself that he is talking and actually thoroughly enjoying himself:)
So we missed the whole grave thing on Memorial Day, but I really think that Chuck, and Naka, were watching us catch a fish for them and enjoyed that more than flowers:)