Monday, February 9, 2015

6 Months...

So this blog was originally titled "6 months, sleep training, and sanity". . .  Well, we were sane for a minute:)  Unfortunately this month Crew got croup, followed by RSV and double ear infections.  Poor little man.  He has been a major mama's boy, and we caved and bought another exercise ball to bounce/rock him on.  But apart from sickness, my little man is growing into such a little stud. 
He is by far our biggest baby.  He skipped entirely over Milo's 3-9 month clothing, and is wearing what Milo wore at 1+.  I'm not going to lie though.  Baby #3 is totally about convenience.  I rarely get Crew dressed in anything but PJ's.   He's just so snuggly in them, and I never have to find socks:)
He is developing such a personality.  He loves bath time.  He has recently discovered that he doesn't have to lay down anymore.  Now he wants to sit up and splash, or even better yet jump and jump and splash.  Crew always has this giant open mouth smile.  Whether he's mad, or anxious, happy, or excited, I swear it always hangs wide open.  Crew loves Milo and Taya.  Taya kind of just likes to burry him in toys, but Milo listens really closely to how I talk to Crew, and will repeat whatever I say that makes him smile.  He is an awesome big brother, and Crew just loves him to pieces.  Crew also loves to be outside.  He is finally figuring out how to be somewhere other than mom's arms, and can actually make it around the block in the stroller.  
There isn't too much that Crew doesn't like to eat.  He was clearing 5 jars of baby food a day before he got sick.  He loves cheerios and baby treats, but usually screams when he eats them, I think because he's worried that there won't be more after he finishes what is in his mouth.  He is a stinker like Taya, and doesn't take a bottle.  he loves nursing (usually) and is starting to do pretty good on a sippee. 
Crew, like Milo, is VERY particular about how things are done.  Definitely a high maintenance little man.  I would worry about it, but Milo grew out of his peculiar demands and I'm sure Crew will too.  For now I indulge him to keep him happy.  This means, very little time in the car, not too many people, being swaddled and bobbled, no loud noises, and lots and lots of reassurance from mom. 
It's funny the things that you worry about with your first baby, and the things that you don't by your third.  I remember feeling frantic anxiety all of the time with Milo.  Even if he was behaving, I was so worried about when he was going to lose it.  Crew loses it all of the time, but it's so much easier for me to laugh it off and chop it up to him being a baby.  Taya loved everyone and cooed at everyone as a baby, but the boys are stingy with their affection.  They make you work for it, but then when they do give you that smirky little smile, it absolutely melts your heart and makes your thousand attempts worth it. 
I keep trying to hang onto every stage that Crew goes through.  He is our last, and my baby forever.  He truly does make my heart happy.  He's the last part of our family and I feel like he has made us all become complete.  He's the little brother, mama's little turkey, and daddy's little man.  I can't believe that we're already half way to one.  It really goes too fast, and I hope that I always remember how wonderful this time in life is-trying, but wonderful.