Monday, October 22, 2012

Watch Us Grow

  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, we now have two cherry trees!
When we planted them, Chris got an idea that one will be known as Milo's and the other Tay's.  That way we can take the kids picture by their tree every fall and watch them all grow.
Well, for now, we are at ground zero... or less than zero... the hole.
 Milo was kind of crabby that day, but when we let him get in his hole, he perked right up!
Tayter is excited about her tree, she tole me so:)
It is so exciting to see grass and trees in our yard.  For a long time we thought we were going to have to embrace our ugly dirt.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ultimate Pumpkin Picking

 We found this place where you can go and ride on the back of a tractor and pick your own pumpkins from the field. Um, sounds like my little boys dreams coming true. He was so excited all day.  When Chris walked in the door, he burst into tears because he knew that meant we could go.  He threw himself on the floor and cried, "tractor ride daddy".
  It almost killed him to wait his turn. He thought that the pumpkins were cool, but not near as cool as the tractor.
 He also loved farmer Kodiak.This was like the equivelant of normal kids meeting Micky Mouse. Tay was oblivious, but happy.
For 15 bucks we got an hour and a half of entertainment, and 4 pumpkins. We are going to make this a new tradition every fall.  Milo keeps asking if Kodiak can come to our house to play... He obviously wants to go back too.

Monday, October 15, 2012

We Really Tried to Love the Circus

 Everyone tried to tell me that Milo was too young to enjoy the circus.  I was determined to prove them wrong.... Come to find out: Milo is too young to enjoy the circus. 
I should have known, Milo hates crowds and loud noises... But they sucked me in with their exciting commercials and promise of dragons.
  Kim came with us.  Pretty sure without her, we would have left at half time (if that's what you call it).  She helped entertain Milo (since clowns, motorcycles, ect. wasn't enough). 
 Milo did love the popcorn though.  And in all fairness, so did Chris.
I'm pretty sure that Milo just wanted to stay outside and watch the construction guys dig a hole.
 Chris was such a good sport and tried really hard to make it a fun day for me and Milo, even though the circus really isn't his "thing".
It was fun to get to spend time with just Milo.  We are determined to schedule one on one time with our kids, so this was good practice. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bazar

This weekend we took Milo to the Japanese Bazar at the Budhist church. I have been going to this thing since I was a kid.  Whenever Hotts would call and say that it was Bazar day, we would get SO excited.  Asain food+Bingo (with decent prizes)+kiddy games (with goldfish as prizes)+ice cream cones+getting spoiled by grandma= the Bazar. I got all excited to take Milo, and we had a great time.  He didn't come home with a fish, but he did win the $20 raffle to Toy-R-Us! Big success.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Worries of a Mother

When I was in college, working full time, I would look at stay at home mom's with envy.  I felt like every day was packed with deadlines, tests, study groups, sylibi, all piled on top of each other.  I looked forward to the day when I could "hang up the towel", and stop stressing. 
Well, I haven't worked for over two years, I've been graduated for four, and let me just say my stress level is not lower. 
Although it is different.
These are some of the thing I've caught myself fretting over:
- How many french fries must my child eat to constitute a full serving of vegetables?
- Where did I put that stinkin blue tractor?
- When the box says, "Holds up to 80 lbs" do they really mean I can sit on it?
- Chris is 210 seconds late coming home from work. . . I could really use an extra set of hands.
-If I washed my chest when Tay spit up, my arms in the bubble bath, and picked the banana out of my hair, do I really need a shower?
-If this moviecame from the library does that mean that I can let Milo watch it all day and not feel guilty?
- I wonder if Milo would notice if I took one more bite of his frosty?
- How many more times do I have to hear, "Milo throw sand, time out, come out" ?
-Why is it 11:00 o'clock and I still don't have real pants on?"
-What meal can I disquise burnt chicken in?
I love being at home with my kids, but it is a whole different dimension.  If I ever do go back to work in the real world, I am going to be in for a real shock.