Monday, July 26, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Pregnancy

26 weeks... Getting fatter!

The pros of being pregnant

-The first time you get to see baby, even if it is on a small sonogram screen.
~ No one gives you funny looks for having 2 scoops of icecream.
- Someone's brilliant idea to mash the top of your favorite sweat pants with the bottom of your favorite jeans... quite comfy, and socially acceptable!
~Feeling my little guy move, and my heart instantantly racing in response.
-Finding baby's first jeans, first hat, and first shoes.
~Watching Chris rub my tummy.

-Making floppy hats, booties, and mittens for baby to wear.
~Having people constantlly assuming that you would like to eat and sit... Which, most of the time, is actually spot on!
-Getting cards and things in the mail from friends and family wishing you well.
-Ordering "pregnant lady" servings at restaraunts.
~Knowing that every day he is getting bigger and healthier, and will come out to play!

The cons of being pregnant

~Acid reflux... completely disgusting experience.
-Try mopping the kitchen floor right after Thanksgiving dinner...

~Worrying about stretch marks and mutant belly buttons.
-Being HOT, and I don't mean this as a cute acronym like PHAT. I'm talking sauna inside my body all the time.
~Crying, no scratch that--SOBBING over cockroaches, Miley Cirus, and Olive Garden (or lack of Olive Garden).
-Being pregnancy dumb. I thought this was an old wive's tale... that was until I locked myself out of the house 9 times, forgot to push the start button on the washing machine, and stood outside the wrong appartment for 15 minutes. It's real, and it sucks!
~Growing "pregnancy" Ompa loompa cheeks and chin.
-Getting lodged in spaces that you used to be able to slip through.
~WAITING.... WAITING.....WAITING! Especially when we are so excited!

Friday, July 9, 2010


When people come to visit, we get to play tourguide to the island. It ends up being an awesome break for us, and even though we don't actually leave, it becomes a fake vacation--hense the title of this blog.
Our latest visitors were Jon and Susianne. A.K.A Chris's brother and his wife
Our facation had a lot of this

and a bit of this
dr. Mario + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + Drinking games... with lemon juice
and a bit of this for the boys

Swimming with the sharks!!! Both boys came back fully intact, although Chris did lose his lunch out there with the sharks.
We loved having our visitors! Facations are just as great as real vacations.
Also for an update on baby news: Here's me. 23 weeks
I am so so so happy my mom and sister sent out some maternity clothes. I may never wear regular jeans again:)
Also, last night after eating a yummy dinner Chris cooked, I breathed out, and my belly button turned into a mutant. It is definately threatening to turn into an outtie!!! EW.