Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Halloween Lot's of Fun on Halloween

Does this post have too many pictures. . . probably, but I don't care because I LOVE Halloween.
Seriously, every year I love it more and more.  I think that it is possibly my favorite holiday.  I feel sacrilegious for saying that, but year after year it never disappoints!  I actually hate all of the scary things about Halloween, which kind of contradicts my previous statement about loving Halloween.  But let's brake it down:  Candy- yes,  Halloween games- yes, doughnuts and chili-yes! Kids costumes-yes x3, An excuse to walk around all night together as a family-YES!  I just love it.
Princess Anna from Frozen, and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Too many pictures of the princess?. . . Again, yes, probably, but look how adorable she is, I couldn't leave one out.

This is her freezing Milo.  Frozen has been so over marketed it ridiculous. . . but we love it all the same!

This tough guy was too cool to take pictures with mom!  I snuck a couple good ones, but he mainly just said, "Mom, I'm not doing that, I'm ready to go!"
He is such a stud.  Even if he did wear his shiny church shoes trick-or-treating:)

My favorite memory about Halloween this year was of Milo at our ward party.  There were like 100 girls there dressed like Anna. . . including his little sister, but he decided that our neighbor, Berkley was the real deal.  She's about 9 years old, and he's played with her before, but he was unwilling to recognize her.  Her costume was home made, and really cute.  When he first saw her, he started jumping up and down and said, "Mom, I didn't know that the real Anna was going to be here tonight"!  He was ecstatic.  Then he said, "Mom, if you are looking for me, just know that I am right next to the real Anna". . . and he was. . . all night!  He didn't leave her side, and he kept jumping up and down schmoozing her saying things like, "I love your cloak".  "Your hair looks so pretty in those braids Anna".  It was so funny.
 Then there is this little guy.  Is he not so stinking cute?!  Even if he did poop on his costume midway through the night, he was absolutely to die for.
 Being captivated by your kids never gets old.  Baby #3 stole my heart on Halloween. 

On Halloween night we went to my sister's house and went trick-or-treating with the cousins.  Taya was true to character and sat in the stroller like a diva.  She kicked her feet up on the cup holders and would wait for Milo to run her pieces of candy.  I kept asking her if she wanted to get out, and then it hit me, she was the smart one.  She ate more candy then anyone and didn't have to lift a finger to get it.  Milo ran like a maniac from house to house.  He also made up a song about getting candy and running so fast.  That kid cracks me up.  He had so much fun.  When we got in the car to go home he says, "my whole body is so tired, but I want to do Halloween again tomorrow".  
I'm with him.  I already can't wait for Halloween next year. 


Black Island Farms

It's impossible not to love this place.  It's way out in the country. . . which is convenient, because it's right around the corner from our house:)
 It really is amazing to watch each year as our family grows. 
 Milo was a tiny bit sick, but we didn't want him to miss out.  As soon as we were there, he was super charged, and went a million miles a minute to keep up with the big kids.
 This little thing was a bit timid, but caught right on with some help from dad.
 and grandma.
Milo is obsessed with being a tough boy right now, so he wasn't going to let anyone show him up.
Ryker and Aliyah are always so sweet.  This time of year makes me really happy to live so close to our family.
That kid in the background. . . ya, not our family. . . but look how much fun my little guy is having!
So super fun. . .
He even had to pull out the fat face smile:)  You know he's having a good time when that one comes out.
The kids were the perfect age this year.  They had an absolute blast.  I still remember holding Milo's hand while he walked on the hay because he wasn't too sure that he liked it.  Now he's a little renegade.
Look at these cute friends.  Taya loves her grandmas, and I can't blame her they always make sure that her princess ways are catered to:)

Another successful tradition checked off of our fall list.  I love the fall, but it also makes me edgy.  I feel like we have to cling to every semi-warm day because it might be the last before the dreaded Utah winter!!!