Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Becoming a Real Person

Crew is officially transitioning out of the baby stage.   He very much has a personality of his own, and it is really fun to see the little man that he is becoming.   He is still very picky and pretty whiney, but he has learned a couple of words that are helping him communicate his particular opinion.   He signs and says more like no bodies business.   Especially when it comes to candy, seeing airplanes, and watching TV.   He really loves the park, and keeps up amazingly well with the big kids.  He has no fear, and knows no limits though.   He is constantly trying to walk off of slides. . . luckily he's always fallen on his butt and thinks it's so fun.   It about gives me a heart attack, and I'm pretty sure I've almost broke my arm trying to catch him... but he loves it--my little daredevil!  

He is also obsessed with spiders and bugs.   When he sees one, he will put his face inches away from it and squeal ooooooo.   Then he will sign and say "more, more, more".    He gets absolutely desperate to see more.  Summertime will make this easy, but it's only 50 here, spiders are hard to come by!

He still loves his food.   He eats more than the other kids combine.   He will eat a meal and have his treat, then go to the fridge and want a yogurt.   He is very proud of himself, because he can eat a yogurt completely on his own using his spoon.   If you try to help him, he will throw a grand fit.  

Crew loves to be doing what the big kids are doing.   He loves Star Wars, playing guns, and even likes to dress up with Taya.  He refuses to bathe alone, and has learned to get up on the couch and pat the seat next to him.  This means that he wants the kids to sit with him.   Taya and Milo are really good to help out with him.   They love him and dote on him like he is the baby. 

He is very picky about everything.   He will tell you what towel he wants dried off with, which cookie he wants out of the box, which song he wants to listen to in the car, he is even picky about what clothes he wants to wear. . . But let's remember, he has like 3 words.   We hear a lot of "nu-uh's" around here.  Then you'll hear that golden drawn out "uhh-huh", and whew success!   I'm pretty sure that Milo had about 500 words by two,  but Crew really doesn't need more than 3.   We all run around like crazy trying to please him.  

I'm not good about my kids getting bigger, but I have to admit.   I love Crew at this age.   I don't miss the baby phase like I thought that I would.   He is just such a cute little guy and is a lot happier now.   I love to see him explore new things and find so much joy in his discoveries!