Friday, April 23, 2010

Some things are better left to grandma

I have one of the coolest grandmas of all time. Sure she's awesome because she has a huge collection of fanny packs to sport at the cassio, and sure she's amazing because she is the best shopping partner ever (even if she does tell you that you look like a Mexican when you try on vibrant collors). But on top of all of that, she is an amazing cook!
I tried out one of her recipes at Easter, and it was a big success. So I decided that tonight I would make an Asian meal with all of my grandmas specialties, and invite our friends over to indulge with us. The main course is going to be these sweet and sour chicken wings that I could write a two page blog about because they are so freaking good! I seriously think that I ate over 30 of them in a 12 hour period once, they're that amazing.
Well I should have known that I was in over my head as soon as I looked at the first direction of the recipe: De-skin 2-3 Lbs. of chicken wings. That equates to about 45 pieces of chicken! To fully appreciate this experience, I have to flash back to last Thanksgiving. Me in the kitchen crying/screaming becasue I did not dare to touch the raw turkey. Once I finally got over the fact that I had to stick my hand down it's throat or up its you know what, I got SO freaked out by the texture of the skin on it. YUCK. Now I've watched my mom and Martha Stewart do it, and they had no problem, but something about skin on meat is too much for me to handle. After Thanksgiving, I vowed that I would make sure to be invited to someone else's dinner table for the rest of my life so that I never have to touch one of those things again!
Well, I started trying to skin my chicken wings at 8:15 this morning. Let's just say 3 Taylor Swift songs, 5 gags, and a couple small screeches later I had one, I repeat ONE wing skinned. It's now an hour and a half later and half of the chicken is still sitting in my sink mocking me! Those dirty little chickens!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Everyone keeps telling me BLOG!
But here is the thing... I don't really know what to do on a blog.
So in other words, if you read this, and what the heck?! keeps sneaking into your head just read on. I'll get the hang of it eventually!

When Chris and I got married, everyone started asking how soon we were going to have kids. Sheez the pressure! Anyway, we firmly told all of our family, friends, and anyone else who asked that we had a five year plan. FIVE YEARS with NO BABIES, no questions asked! Funny how life turns out.

Exactly 18 months after being married we decided our priorities were a little mixed up and decided that we wanted to start "trying". Two weeks, and five pregnancy tests later we were thrilled to discover that it was a good thing that we had decided that we were ready, because BAM our family was growing.

Now how to tell everyone that we had deviated from our highly publicized plan.

When my family came out to visit, Chris wore this shirt to breakfast.
My mom just kind of looked at him for a while and finally said, "That is the weirdest shirt I have ever seen." Yes! This was exactly the comment we were hoping that she would make. To this Chris said, "I know huh. It came with a picture." Then he pulled out our first sonogram. It took my family a tense 20-30 seconds to grasp what we were trying to tell them. It was awesome!

I can't wait for Chris to wear this T-shirt in the delivery room. Now I just need a clever saying to go on my neon green sweat band that I'm going to wear. I'm up for suggestions.