Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 We do Easter big.  Easter pictures, Easter clothes, and a whole weekend of getting together and doing fun stuff.
 We kicked it off on Saturday with the Manning cousins.  As you can tell they loved it.

 We went to the pool for the Easter egg dive.  Taya has been talking about the Easter bunny for weeks.  She'll point at Milo's old pictures, but when push came to shove, she was scared to death of him. I didn't mind her clinging to me though.
 Taya was as happy as could be once she started swimming.  She kind of swam around the eggs. . . totally missed the point of the exercise, but had a really great time!
 Milo got a grundle of eggs and candy this year.  He even found the "golden egg", which is kind of a big deal.  He also loved just being in the water. It made me so excited for summer.
Not photographed was dying Easter eggs and the kids Easter egg hunt with mom and dad, which took place Sunday morning.  We were too busy enjoying to snap pictures, but it was SO fun.  Both kids really got into it and made it a blast. 
 Our cuties all dolled up for church, thanks to Grandma Hotts and Grandma Vicky for the outfits.
 Then, who doesn't enjoy a little 4 wheeling on Easter?  We really are rednecks:)  These are papas new toys, which my kids are thrilled about.  They've already rode them for hours out in the field.
 Happy Easter face!
 And I'm telling you, Easter is just as big as Christmas. . . Grandma and Grandpa Bird bought all of the kids bikes.  Milo is just figuring his out, but he looks like such a stud!
 This may be the best picture of ALL of Easter.  Check out nice aunty Chera. . . with a mustache.  Bryan drew it on her as part of our Easter egg relay.  So funny!
These two are going to be best friends. . . they just don't know it yet!
 Obviously her mother's daughter.  LOVED her some Easter candy!
By Sunday night, I was exhausted--and so happy.  It was so fun to spend time with everyone, and the kids made it even more fun!  It's days like these that I'm so grateful to live close to family.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pee Wee Soccer

Soccer mom ready!  I might as well buy a mini van:)  I have been so excited for Milo to start playing soccer.  He's only three so we had a little bit of a hard time finding somewhere for him to play.  We finally found a league that is 3-on-3, no goalie.  Which is awesome.
 He got really excited about his soccer gear.  He insists that his socks are pulled up to his upper thigh and his shin guards took some convincing.  When I tried to strap them on him in Walmart, he wasn't too excited, but when I explained that they are "safety gear"  like construction workers wear, he was all smiles.  He even wore them to lunch after. 
Before the game he ran and ran.  He was so excited to meet all of his team and was so happy to have his friend Austin on our team.
Chris is being super dad and is coaching.  It's an ambitious job when you think about trying to direct seven 3 year olds not to steal the ball from each other and to score in not only the closest goal to you, but a specific goal.  I think it hit him that this might be a little tricky when they started stretching and he said, "reach up to the sky" -no problem. . . . and "touch your toes".  Some kids lifted their foot up and grabbed it.  Others sat on the ground and touched their toes. . . needless to say no one really stretched. . .

Milo loved practice. The city has it set up so the kids practice for 30 minutes and then their game directly follows.
Milo looked like such a stud.  I was so proud.
He kicked off. . . dribbled all the way down the field. . . scored a goal! . . . and then threw himself on the grass and started crying, "I'm too tired for soccer".   It was a proud moment.  He sat out the rest of the game and ate skittles on the sideline.  All in all a BIG success.
Here is also the awesome side story to his first big game.   These two little princesses were the mean girls of the night.  They refused to play and if Chris or their parents tried to get them to participate they would either start screaming, or they would whisper to each other behind their hands and glare at the coaches.  I never knew that two three year olds could be so hilarious to watch.  They had full on sass and more attitude than high school girls.