Monday, August 12, 2013

So Many Reasons Why I Love This Guy

I love it when Milo is excited about something.  Like the garbage man.  Every Monday from 6-8 a.m. We wait on the porch so that we can watch him get Missy and Justin's garbage and Dathan and Lynell's garbage. 90 seconds of pure joy followed by several hours of, "but why did he take our garbage?  I want him to come back and get more."

I love it when he gets in play mode.  He refers to himself as "The Tractor Man".  This kid has an extensive construction vocabulary.  Remember, he's only two, and he'll chat to himself about articulating dump trucks, hydraulics, and rubber tracks.  He may not know the alphabet, but he can name twenty types of big machines.

 I love to see him acting like a big boy.  This picture was taken on day 1 of potty training.  It's a miracle we survived.  It helped that this was what he chose to wear all day.  I thought that he looked so cute, that it made me much less frustrated. He mastered peeing on the potty pretty quick, it was the other one that we struggled with.  He didn't have any accidents, he just refused to go at all.  Poor guy, his tummy had to be hurting.  Finally after a week, he had success.  I bribed him with a toy, so as soon as he went, he said, "Yeah!  Now we get to go to Cal Ranch!" Chris took off and met us for lunch (it was that big of a deal)! We took him to the store to pick out a toy and he was hilarious.  Apparently he also learned the word actually on the same day.  He kept saying, "actually, I want this combine.  No actually I want this bobcat. Actually I want both."
 I love it when he gets into helping out.  This was the first zucchini out of our garden.  He was so excited to "harvest" it (since that's what tractor men do).  He watched tv with zucchini, ate breakfast with zucchini, and took zucchini on a stroller ride.  He kept saying things like, "zucchini do you like backhoes?" Finally he decided that he wanted me to "open" zucchini.  He was a little disappointed about what was inside, but when I made zucchini bread, he was all about it.
I love it when he tries new things.  He is becoming so brave.  He used to be apprehensive about anything new, but lately he's my little adventurer.  This summer he has conquered the tube slide, eating hamburgers and pizza, riding his bike down the driveway, and riding on ferry boats.
It's crazy to think about how much he has changed in the last six months.  I love to watch him get bigger, but oh how I love him being little.