Monday, March 4, 2013

Taya's Tude

It's funny how babies have personalities.
Taya has always been the sweetest smiliest little thing, but lately she's been showin some sass too.
It all started when she learned to crawl, stand, and got two teeth, all in the same week. 
I was so proud of Taya, but you could tell Taya was so proud of Taya too.
She has decided that she is big now, and that she is the boss.
She completely stopped eating baby food. 
She won't let me help her eat.
I load up forks full of food, and she feeds them to herself.
She is 8 months and Milo is 2 1/2.  Milo still doesn't like to get his hands dirty so I am constantly hearing, "Mom, please feed me." I look over and Taya has eaten everything and moved on to licking her tray.

Tay has also decided that she knows how to play. Milo got Woody from Toy Story.
Only problem is, Tay has decided that she loves him.
She puts his hat on and off, cuddles him, and completely beems when he talks.  Every time Milo puts him down, she snatches him up.
Tay is very eager to be independent. If she doesn't like what is going on in the family room, she just crawls off into Milo's room or her room and does her own thing. She'll even push open doors. It's kind of creepy to be sitting in a room and have the door fling open and tthen she comes crawling in like she owns the place (which she does).
Milo never crawled, and he really never was into making a mess.  He never put anything in his mouth.  Tay is a new breed of child for us.  The other day she ate a whole piece of paper in like 20 seconds when i wasn't looking.  It is busy, but I absolutely love it.  It is so fun to watch her explore and try to keep up with her big brother.