Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day of Firsts

To start out, here's the progress of the bump. I can't believe that we are half way there! Only 18 more weeks and we'll actually get to hold our boy.

~And no one should say I still look small. I feel like a hippo-or at least a large penguin.

Yesterday was the first time away from family on Father's Day. Chris and I both missed our families, we love you guys! But we made the best of it. I made Chris breakfast... Which was the first time that I have made hashbrowns... it was a bit of a disaster because our pans stick like crazy! Then we watched the World Cup for a bit. Chris was holding me and got to feel our baby move for the first time! It was really exciting to see him light up. This was definately the best first for the day. Chris was so excited because our boy was practicing his soccer skills while watching FIFA.

After Church, Chris opened the Father's day package his mom sent, which contained several fun firsts for us: our first baby bottle, first binky, first bib, and first tube of butt cream. Thanks John and Vicky!
It was fun to spend all day together as our small, but growing, family. I am so excited that Chris is a soon to be dad. He is going to do a great job! I can't wait to see him with our son. I'm sure that there will be many many more firsts in our near future, and I'm excited for every one of them.

P.S. please vote or suggests names, we are still struggling!

Monday, June 7, 2010

FINALLY we know!!!

We had our big sonogram appointment on Thursday.

So exciting!!!

We had to drive an hour and ten minutes to get to the hospital, so we decided to make a day out of our trek downtown. We started with a trip to Wendy's, which was so yummy! I know it's weird to say that, but there are only 3 on the whole island and we never get to eat there, so it was a special treat. All I'm going to say is that we ordered 6 burgers, 2 fries, two frosties, and two drinks, and all of it was gone by the time we left..... I won't tell you who ate what.

Then we went to Ross and bought our first baby outfits. Since we didn't know the sex of our baby we picked out one boy and one girl outfit. Then we were off to the DR.

Chris had taken a Benodryl earlier that morning because he's had terrible allergies. So for the entire day he was trying to be a really good sport, but he was a bit of a Zombie because of the medicine. Well as soon as we were in that sonogram room, he was tense as could be. It was crazy cool to see our baby. It looked SO big compared to 12 weeks ago. Our baby is hanging out upside down in my belly, and weighs 11 oz.! Everything was healthy and happy, so we were thrilled.

Then the Dr. moved on to determining the gender. This is when Chris really came to life. He was on the edge of his seat. It was so cute. He's been really good to say that he would be happy either way, but the truth came out in that office. The doctor said, "well, looks like you're having a boy." As soon as she said that Chris jumped out of his chair cheering and got really close to the monitor and said, "Are you sure, how can you tell." The doctor showed us the "boy part," which Chris would later refer to as "the big Manning weiner." We were both thrilled that we are expecting a boy, and that everything is going so well! We're half way there! I can hardly wait to see him.