Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pictures for Steve

 Our fun, crazy, beautiful little girl!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Brother and Sister

When I was pregnant, everyone told me, "your kids are going to be best friends because they are so close in age".  Well maybe this will come to fruition in time, but right now, they don't play like best friends they play like brother and sister.  .  .
Milo steals Taya's baby, Taya screams, Milo runs around the house laughing, "you'll never ever ever see her again".
Mom interjects makes Milo return baby. Has the talk about being on the "good boy team" and peace is restored. . .
For 5 seconds.
Taya wants Milo's drink.  Even though it's water (just like hers), and it's in an identical cup, she is thrashing and clawing for it.  I tell her, "no", and she pretends not to understand me.  Even though when I ask what color popsicle she wants she can tell me, "blue, now please".  The idea that she can't have everything brother has cannot make sense to her.  Milo yells and climbs up on the couch, tips his drink upside down and makes it "rain" on Taya.
Mom interjects, thinks of something to say about being kind......
Then mom really wants a nap.
Nap time isn't for four more hours.
I have actually heard of moms who make cookies while their children are awake, or work on a little craft, or even work out! 
I am always so confused why I am the only mom shimmying my way up the oh so tiny tubes at McDonalds to fish my screaming child out.  Why are they always at the very top?
I always thought that I would be one of those Pinterest moms, but honestly I don't know how people have time for that. I can't even find time to re-pin the good ideas on how to raise children. 
You'd think I would be terrified to add number three to this mix, but honestly I'm so used to it, that if I were able to just sit and eat my Big Mac in peace, I would be fat and bored.  My kids are chaos.  but they are also really fun.  I hope I'm doing things right, and sometimes I'm sure I'm not.
As a mother, the only emotion that caps exhaustion is happiness. 
There are always small moments in every day that make all efforts worth it.  Like when I catch them cuddling while they watch "Tangled"  or they dress each other up and run around holding hands.  Or when Milo saves some of his cookie for Taya "because he loves her so much".  The challenging thing is, that these moments are blended among mac and cheese mess and wiping runny noses.  I often miss how adorable they are being because I'm too busy cleaning up life.  This stage may be slightly difficult, but I'm positive that it will also be one of my favorites.  I love these sweet kids even if they remind me of jungle monkeys some days.