Monday, January 28, 2013

Can't Blame the Kid

In trying to teach Milo independence, I have started letting him pick his own clothes.
He may have become a bit too independent.
All he wants to wear are, "Sylvester pants (snowman), Orange pants (as pictured), and dog pants".   He was sick for so long that I didn't try to get him out of P.J.'s for a while. 
The first morning I tried to put jeans on him he just ran away and said, "no, no thanks".
I always put him in a normal shirt thinking that somehow I'll get regular pants on him... but instead he just ends up horribly mismatching all day.
On the flip side,
For Christmas I got some new ugly Walmart sweats. I asked for them.  When my Aunt gave them to me, she said, "I just shuddered buying these for you".  In my mind I thought, "Why? What else would I wear around the house".  Then I thought of my son... Learning from example.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sick Kids and the Countdown to Summer

Happy to report that Milo is fever free and has FINALLY started eating again. . . Which means, if he can stay healthy for the next couple of weeks, he'll be out of the "concerning" category. Now I've just got to fatten him up.

Chris always talks about how much he hates winter.
Well, me too!
Sick kids have made me hate the winter cold.
So instead of continuing to complain, we are just going to start our countdown to summer.

126-days until the pool opens!
90-work days till we can try out camping with two kids
18-weeks until Milo can mow the fields with papa Mike.
10-pounds I'm holdin on to so I can run them off outside (that's the only reason I'm hanging on to them).
4- Months until we live on our front porch and eat popsicles.
3-white butts (Tay is pretty tan), that can't wait for more sunshine!
2-Motorized toys that will be so much fun to drive on our lawn.
1-Winter that had better be over right on schedule!

January 9, 2013

Oh, what a day we have had today.
You have been sick, so so sick. Again!
I know that it is serious when you don't even want to play excavators with daddy.
I took you to the doctor for what feels like the millionth time in the last three months. 
I heard my hearts greatest fears, fears that I have been thinking over and over for the last three months, but thought if I kept them silent they would disappear.
The Dr. said that somthing just doesn't add up. 
Four days.  They are giving you four days to get over your fever and be 100% healthy or they are going to start searching.
They want to test you for Leukemia and other immune deficiencies.  I know it's just a test and that nothing is for sure... But wow mom has never been so scared of anything.  My mind races ahead to what our life would be like if it comes back positive.  I try to stop it, but it pushes on and I think, what if we lost you. You are the sweetest little boy, and my heart breaks at the thought. 
Calm down I tell myself.  It's only a test.  Then I think of your smile.  The way that you say, "snickywoodle" (snickerdoodle). Your tractor dance.  You are my heart and soul little guy.
I want you to know I am trying.  I am trying so hard to get you healthy.  You cry when I try to get you to eat, and I hate doing it, but I have got to try.  I even made your favorite muffins. 
We are all praying sweetheart.  Praying that we don't need a miracle and that we have just had really bad luck.  That this is just the worst cold and flu season ever and that nothing is really wrong.  I'm clinging to that right now.  With all of my heart I'm clinging.   

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was busy and crazy and so much fun.  Sometimes I wonder if holidays are too much running around.  We talked about cutting out some of the chaos... but instead, we did it all... and I must say it was all really fun.
Santa came to our house on Christmas morning.  It was awesome.  I procrasitnated getting my manditory "santa" picture this year, so we had to improvise. Milo was very scared of Santa at first, but was quick to share his new excavator and garbage truck.  He even hit Santa on the head with his new crane truck... It was pretty priceless.
            Taya got her very first doll.  Mom was really excited for her.
What didn't this kid get?  Grandmas and great-grandmas spoiled him.  Every present that you put in front of him, he said, "A tractor?"  And lo and behold most of them were.  He loves them all and has had so much fun playing with all of his new stuff. 
I was surprised how much he liked the dog pants that Grandma bird gave him.  He wore them for 4 consecutive days after Christmas.  I was going to fight him on it but I thought, "Ah, it's the holidays, let the kid live a little." I was also surprised how much he loved his, "Grandma Vicky blanky."  He almost went to sleep without his regular tattered old one because he was loving his new one so much.
         Holidays are kind of confusing for babies.  But Tay quickly embraced her Hanukkah breakfast.
She was lovin it, and lovin playing with her daddy.
Christmas always passes so fast, but we tried to make the best of every minute.