Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Must Share

I have heard people say that they hate blogs because it's just a bunch of people trying to convince everyone how happy and great their life is.....
In response I have to say, check out these pictures of my boys.
I don't need to convince anyone.
They are stinking cute and make me a very happy girl!

Milo and dad having cuddle time

Rocking the first Cowboys outfit!!! It brought him strength. He rolled over four times while wearing this outfit. I'm convinced that he is going to be a Cowboys fan for life... Sorry uncle Steve.
Yes he's sitting in a pink chair, but look at that, he's a stud.

Attempting to eat sweet potatoes. He loved it! Apparently so did his bib, chin, cheeks, dad's shorts, mom's shirt, mom's face, and the kitchen floor.