Sunday, October 25, 2015

pickin pumpkins 2015

 Our tradition continues!   And oh my goodness, looking back at the pictures from last year-the kids have grown a ton!!!   Chris had been on a business trip all week and got home just in time to have a fun filled Halloween weekend.  We were ALL so thrilled to have him home. 

Milo was so big this year.  He wanted to carry his own pumpkin, was too cool to pretend to drive the tractor, and just wanted to be a good helper.  This boy was glued to his dad.  I love the strut that he does after he does something "big".   He helped Chris load the pumpkins into the truck and comes back and says, "alright girls, we took care of it."  What a little stud!. . . but where did my baby go?! 

For being such a diva, this little thing sure won't hold still for a picture!  She picked the first big pumpkin that she could find and said, "my dad is so so strong.  Tell him to use his muscles to lift it up."  Then she walked off and got in the trailer, and that was that.  She didn't want to walk around or think about a different one.  She had done her job, executed her sass, and was thrilled with her choice.  Then we have baby Crew.   His temperament really is getting so much more pleasant. . . especially when he's got food in his mouth!   If you notice he is carrying a bag of fruit loops, which Chris brought home from his trip.   Crew death gripped those babies all night.   That kid eats so much-it's crazy that he isn't fatter than he is.   He is good size, but definitely not a fat baby still.   He seriously stuffs everything and anything into that mug.

  It's crazy how fast the years are passing.   This last year has been a bit insane.   Having 3 kids so close together was definitely a handful, but I must admit, now that they are getting a little older, it is so much fun to see them interact.   Crew is constantly trying to keep up with Milo and Taya.   They are such good kids, and tolerate his sticky baby hands stealing their toys and pawing at their treats.  They love to make him laugh and he loves them like crazy.   When I used to need to get a babysitter, I would try to get one for the big kids, and one for Crew.   They were just too much of a handful.   But now Crew needs his brother and sister, and they need him.   I always said that I wanted to raise my kids in a "pack" so that they would be close. and we're doing it- one crazy day at a time:)