Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleeping on the Job

I went out with a couple of friends and left Chris on babysitting duty.
It was fun to go out, but I missed my boys.
Look how lucky I am!
These two goofballs are what I have to come home to!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Venturing Out!

Milo is five weeks old! To celebrate this, we took him to the beach for the first time. He and I just hung out under a tree and watched Chris surf. It was so much fun to be out as a family!

Other things that Milo has been doing. . .
This is the position we sit him in after eating... Sitting up helps him to not spit up. The remote was just for kicks.
Also we have become addicted to "Glee".
I promised myself that I wouldn't like that show, but somewhere between flashy showtunes and grilled cheesus I got hooked.
Poor Milo has to suffer through it with me.
We always watch it when Chris isn't home, because he makes fun of the show.
Milo still loves bath time with dad.

oh and Milo is still doing a whole lot of this!

Look at that cute fat face!

Friday, October 8, 2010

More and More Milo

I can't believe that we are already coming up on 1 month!

Milo technically isn't supposed to be born for three more weeks, so the doctor's say that we have to stay away from people. . . . Which means we're trapped in our tiny apartment, but even so, some very fun things have been happening.

1. Milo got to take his first real bath.

Chris was so excited to get him in the water. I think that he believes it's the first step toward taking Milo in the ocean... which is Chris's dream.

Milo liked the bath after he calmed down a little bit.
2. Milo and I went on a walk.

This was his first time trying out the stroller. It was awesome to take him out. But I realized how out of shape I am. I seriously can't walk more than a mile or so, and I can't even do 10 push-ups on my knees. Kinda sad, but I guess that's what being on bed rest does to you.

3. Milo and Chris had their first boys night.

Some girls took me out to ice cream on Thursday, just so I could get out for a bit. I left Milo and Chris for about 2 hours. When I left Chris was sitting on the floor holding Milo. Our TV broke so it was silent in the house. When I got home Chris was sitting on the couch holding Milo. It was still silent in the house. When I asked Chris what he had been doing, he said, "just hanging out with my little guy." It was cute.

4. Milo and I both got a clean bill of health from the doctors.

We are excited because Milo is gaining weight quick. He gained a whole pound since our last visit. He weighed in at 5 lbs. 13 oz. Chris and I both agree that he's doomed with our weight gain pattern. . . It has gone all to his face. Poor guy has three chins, and chicken legs:) Yet Chris and I both agree that he can definately pull of the face chubs better than we can.