Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holy 3!

I could make a hundred lists to try to capture all of Milo's personality right now, and still be forgetting something. I'm crazy about my little guy and age 2-3 has been amazing.
- Potty trained!  That's right. HUGE accomplishment for mom and Milo.  It really wasn't too bad.  Peeing was mastered after only a few accidents, and after holding it for a couple of days, I bribed him with a trip to Cal Ranch to pick out a tractor, and twenty minutes later we had our first poop in the potty.  It's so weird how proud you can be about poop. 
- Food is his friend.  Happy to report that we have had little to no vomit experiences this year.  It used to be that if you forced Milo to eat something, he would start gagging and throw up anything that you have managed to get down.  I swear every meal used to be a struggle.  I seriously never thought that we would be able to say this, but Milo enjoys eating now!  This summer he has really ventured out.  He'll now eat pizza, hamburgers, chicken, and hot dogs.  This kid eats all the time.  He still is skinny as a rail, but he eats!
- Nursery and playgroup.  Milo has always had "mommy" issues.  From infancy he has known when I leave the room, and it stresses him out.  There have only been two times in the past three years that I have left him with non-family, and I'm pretty sure we both were hyperventilating. Maybe mom has "Milo" issues. . . Anyway, in the last few months, Milo has started to go to nursery and playgroup on his own.  He still gets really anxious, but no tears, and once he's there he does great.  He's learned how to tell time, so he knows that when the big hand goes up twice, then mom comes back.  If I'm one minute late, he lets me know about it!
- He can spell Bob. "Bobobobobob". He can also spell Milo, "Mbobobobob".
- Textures.  He is still a very clean child.  But he's accepted that, "sometimes tractor men get dirty.  It means they are working bery hard".
- He knows his shapes, colors, alphabet, and most numbers.  But if you asked him what he's best at, he would tell you that he can name twenty trucks.
-Milo is our little fish.  He can jump off the side of the pool with no floaties, surface, and then swim about half the length of the pool without help.  He loves to go swimming.  It is super impressive to watch him. 
Milo Loves
-Tractor everything
-Rockets and space shuttles
-Construction boots
-Tractor driver music (country)
-Little Caesars breadsticks (me too)
-Going to both Grandmas' houses
-His dog Sadie
-You Tube
-Arctic Circle complimentary ice cream cones (again, me too)
-Pestering his little sister
-Making popcorn
-Papa John one (getting thrown in the air)
-Hiding under the covers
-Dad coming home from work. (It's almost not fair how excited he gets)

I Love it When He Says
-Sunny goofers (funny)
-Holy moly
-Turn on some yousic
-When I get bigger and bigger then I can . . .
-I'm getting my exercise
-It's amazing
-Sprinkle sprinkle
-They must love me
-Moon come out?
-Orange Bob (SpongeBob)
-Mom, I been doin this trick all the time (referring to stopping and going pee)
-Conskeeter (computer)

Milo Hates
-The moon
-Getting his toenails clipped
-Going to the Dr., (even though he talks about Dr. Owen like he is his best friend)
-Church vests.  .  . Too bad I love church vests and make him wear them anyway:)

Favorite Songs
-My Fire truck is HOT
-International Harvester
-Big Green Tractor
On the day before his birthday, Milo found a kitty.  It followed him in the house, and I thought we were going to have to keep him for sure.  Luckily, kitty wandered off while we were out.
We took Milo and Aliyah to the Gateway on his birthday.  Milo LOVED it.

Chris was sad, because Milo wanted to play by himself and with the kids-not with us... Guess he's a big boy now.

Chris made a pretty epic birthday breakfast for our little tractor man.

Party at Layton park with family and friends.