Monday, June 9, 2014


For Tay's birthday, we decided to go camping at Cherry Hill.  This girl LOVES the water, and honestly, I didn't think I had the energy to put on a giant party.  So my dad set us up with his sweet trailer and just our little family ventured on our first ever camping trip.
 This goofball loved it. 
 After swimming we had a purple tea party for dinner.  When I would ask Taya about her birthday coming up, she would always say, "purple party". . . so that's exactly what we did.
 Taya has always had a funny obsession with fun cups and fun drinks.  She and Milo did cheers and toasts, and drank an entire bottle of Gatorade.
 It was really fun to celebrate as a family.  We are all together all of the time, but it seems like whenever we do something really different and fun, we always invite family and friends.  For the first little bit, Milo kept asking, "and who else is coming?"  It forced them to play with each other, and it was so cute.  After Taya's dinner I walked in the trailer, where the kids were sitting on the floor together sharing Elsa and Anna fruit snacks.  Milo says, "Tay we're best friends huh?". . . Talk about melt a mom's heart!
 Milo was a very good sport about Taya having the spotlight.  He's such a good boy.
The kids loved having daddy time.  By the end of the trip both of them were glued to him.
 We improvised for birthday cake.  She didn't seem disappointed at all by her birthday s'more.
 Ya, definitely not disappointed!
 The next day was Sunday, and we went to family dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Bird's. Yes Taya is in the same outfit, she insisted on her purple princess tutu for three days straight. I made a cake for dessert and so everyone else could sing to her.  She was SO funny about the cake.  She woke up from her nap and saw it sitting on the counter.  She was delighted that it was purple and that it had Ariel on the top.  The whole car ride she kept asking, "Ariel good?  Ariel okay?"  She had a hard time making it through dinner, because she was so excited to eat it.
 I wasn't planning on letting her put her face in it this year, but she wanted to, and let's be honest I'm a pushover when it comes to my kids.
 She was real determined to get her mug in there.
 She ate a giant piece of cake, ice cream, cookies, and topped it off with some bubble gum.  Happy birthday eh?!
 This was grandma and grandpa's gift, and oh my it was a hit! A princess chair for our little diva.
 Taya had also been talking about a purple umbrella for months now.  Aliyah and Hal gave her this Dora one, and she was tickled!  Jake and Ellie gave her a purple dog that she cuddled and cuddled.  It was a purple birthday for sure! 
                                                    This little girl cracks me up!
. . . all tuckered out after such a fun weekend. You may be two, but you're still my baby!  I love you purple princess.