Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Crazy Weeks of Pregnancy

Milo was born at 33 weeks.
At 36 weeks I was so ready for our baby girl.
I mopped the floor.
I did all of the laundry.
I even had the hospital bag in the trunk.
When the Dr. said that I was at a 1, I wanted to slap him.
I was READY. 
Come to find out our baby girl knew what she was doing.

Two days later we rushed to the emergency room.
Not for me... For Chris.

Stinkin appendix that had to be removed.
I left Chris after he woke up from surgery so that I could put Milo to bed.  When I got home he had a temperature of 104... My poor mom was watching him. He had what later turned into Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Seven days of fevers, mouth sores, poor boy.

I brought Chris home at 11 o'clock at night.  Poor guy, what a crazy day.

At my 37 week appointment the Dr. said that I was still only a 1, and I wanted to hug him.  Sick husband and sick 1 year old was all that I could handle.

BUT happy to say that now at 38 weeks, we are recovering and preparing.  Induction is sceduled for Memorial Day.  That's seven days away.  Which reels like forever, but also gives us enough time to return to normal again.