Sunday, July 15, 2012

Milo's Shends (friends)

The other day I asked Milo who his friends are.  This is how he replied.
 First he named the cousins: Sharker (Ryker), Uhyaya (Aliyah), Uhyayaya (Melia).

Next came Pax.  Pax is one of our new neighbors, and Milo loves to have playdates.  His mom is really fun too, which means I like to have playdates.  We took the boys to a splashpad and giant playground the other day.  Both boys wanted nothing to do with the splashpad.  They played for a couple of minutes on the playground... But the day was not a complete loss.  They loved the m&m vending machine that was at the park.  They also loved the disgusting/dirty puddle in the middle of the bowery (not to the mom's liking).
Then came Daddy.  These two goofballs have so much fun together. They live in their own little world.  They love to make bubble beards, wind surf on a skateboard using a sheet as a parachute, chase ducks at the park, poke slugs and stinkbugs with a stick, swim in the big pool, kiddie pool, ditches and ponds. Every day when Chris leaves for work Milo will say, "Daddy at work?"  I say, "yes, but he'll come back because he loves Milo."  The other day I made the mistake of saying, "Yes, but he'll come back because he loves us."  Milo yells out, "Loves Milo!" and points to his chest.  That little stinker makes me laugh!
And last but not least, he names his tractors.  We look for tractors everywhere that we go.  We even watch tractor documentaries from the library. When I put him down for nap the other day, I told him to say, "love you Taya." He did.  Then I told him to say, "love you mama."  Instead he comes out with, "love you daddy."  I repeated myself and said, "say love you mama."  He says, "Love you excavators."  I have told this story to a few people and any time he hears me tell it, he laughs.  He thinks he is hillarious... I think he is too. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I went all out in Taya’s room. 

 We refinished my old crib and dresser. I made the bedding. 

We found this at a yard sale for 10 bucks and recovered it.
 I love how her room turned out… only problem is, she doesn’t even sleep in there.

Now- don’t judge me for the next part.
She is the loudest grunter while she sleeps.  It was keeping Milo up at night… The only problem is, she was keeping me and Chris up at night too.  It seriously is unbelievably loud.  So my solution was to move her into our closet.  

 Yes that’s her basinet right between the belt rack and the shoes.  I had to move the laundry hamper to make her fit.  I feel guilty putting her in there some times, but the whole house is now sleeping better. She can grunt away, and I can still hear her if she cries.   So for now everyone is happy, and we’ve got a really cute nursery for Milo to put his trucks to sleep in.