Monday, February 25, 2013


We decided to try a staycation in Layton as a test to see if we are ready to venture out.
We went to the Airforce Museum, which Milo loved. I thought he might get bored, but he was totally into it.
He's been really into space and rockets lately (not to my delight, I think it's kind of a scam), but it did make the visit more fun.
He kept calling himself a pilot, and wanted to be the driver of every plane that we saw.
He thought the hotel was awesome.
We let him eat his kid's meal in the hot tub, and Tay loved sitting by the pool with her french fries
8 o'clock - Taya went to bed in the closet.
8:30 - Milo fell asleep in the middle of the king size bed.
Chris and I ate our Cafe Rio, and watched a movie.
11:30 - Milo woke up.
11:30-2:30 - He tossed and turned and kicked and twisted.
3:00 - Chris and Milo drove home to try to get a couple hours of sleep.
. . .
It was a super fun test run, but I must say I was glad that we were only ten minutes from home!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Evlolution of "Mom"

Apparently I'm getting boring.
Milo is no longer referring to me as mom.
He constantly makes up something more exciting and calls me by that name.
It started with him calling me, "Milo's mom", then it moved to "Bob's mom" (after Bob the Builder), then "Aliyah's mom", and then progressed to train driver, kitty, panda, Jessie (from Toy Story), fox, and my personal favorite, donkey.  No joke i'll wipe his snotty nose and he'll say, "Oh thanks tractor man".  Where has mom gone????  I would like a little credit for the menial tasks. 
It's also how he'll minipulate me.  He knows that if he asks mom to come play downstairs, I will often have to say, "No, mom's helping Tay, or Mom's cooking"...So he'll just follow up with, "Kitty come.  Come play with Milo."  How am I supposed to explain that "kitty," is pretend and that I am actually not kitty I am mom, and that mom really does need to get some laundry done.  I am exhausted just thinking about how you logic that out to a 2 year old. 
But in some respects it's nice.  He may fight mom on going down for a nap, but if caterpillar asks him to go to sleep he's all smiles.  Gotta love that goofball.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kind of a BIG Deal

My baby girl is on the move!
I am constantly so proud of my kids... It's kind of ridiculous how proud of them I am. Especially as tiny babies, they do so little, that you kind of have to milk the smallest accomplishment. I remember thinking, "I'm so proud of Taya for pooping without having to use prune juice." and, "She smiled when I sang the alphabet... I bet she's going to be really smart!" Well this post may seem like another one of those silly things, but at our house it is BIG news. Milo never crawled... even at 2 it was painful to watch him try to drag himself across the floor. I held his hand all day long so he could walk around... But obviously that wasn't an option with Tay, so she's showing us how this whole developement thing is "supposed" to work.   She has been so frustrated because you can tell she is just ready to run around with the big kids.  She thinks her brother is the greatest thing in the world and is constantly try to get close to him.  She's been rolling and flopping to try to get the job done, but she's been mad. Finally on January 31st.  At exactly 8 months old, she has figured it out. She did one of her first really good "runs" during the superbowl. We were all cheering her on; not even watching the game. It was the coolest thing in the world.  I seriously had butterflies just watching her. Atta girl Tay.  We love you little peanut.  Way to get it done!