Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Things I've already learned about baby #3

Things I've already learned about baby #3
-He (I think it's a boy)  is pretty angry right now and is making me sick as a dog.
-He must be funny.  I usually prefer drama to comedy, but lately I think every joke is extra hilarious (Even my dad's jokes). Watching "Revenge" makes me physically sick. . . Watching "The Office" re-runs sounds like a great idea even at 3 in the morning when I get up to pee for the 100th time.
-He must also find it funny to hear me say stupid things all of the time, because wow the things that keep spilling out of my mouth.  I keep blaming it on exhaustion, but really I think he's just messing with me.  Seriously the things I said at my Dr.'s appointment the other day. . . wow.  I kept prefacing with, "I promise I'm not one of those crazy pregnant ladies, but. . . "  Pretty sure my Dr. booked a trip on my due date after I left the office.
-He must be a salt addict like his mama.  I keep making yummy sweets and then not touching them, but you stick a hot pocket in the microwave and I salivate.   If I get put on a low sodium diet again, I am screwed.
-This little guy is going to get the best of me.  I have so many emotions about this baby.  I am anxious, nervous, excited all of time.  It feels more and more real every day (as my stomach starts popping out ALREADY).  I hope he's getting out all of his angrys right now and is going to be a sweet baby.  Already counting down the days until we get to meet him. 

P.S. little baby if you end up being a girl, I am super sorry I called you a he for nine months.

Hillbilly Delux

 Until I married Chris, I never recognized that we live in the stix.  Guess we do--and I love it.
 Papa and the little tractor man, discovered a way to make the best of the Massey during the winter. 
 Milo was so excited to drive the tractor with papa.  I kept telling him that he could ride in the sled too, but he just wanted to be a tractor man like papa. 
 See those mountains in the background, that's were normal people go to sled, but not us, we got creative. 
 Grandpa is trying to convince Grandma that we need a four wheeler for next years sledding, but look at all those happy faces.  The tractor worked just fine.
 My sister's cute family.  Her girls are fearless. 
 Unlike Taya, who really just wanted to eat snow pancakes and have grandma hold her.
Milo finally jumped in the sled near the end.  He loved it too.  He is the luckiest little boy.  He kind of has grandma and grandpa wrapped around his little finger.  They put on this whole production because they knew that he would love it.  And at the end of the day he is just so darn happy and cute you'd do anything to repeat it.  .   .   . 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

Favorite things about Christmas:
Watching Milo get all jazzed up about seeing Santa.
We went to a Christmas breakfast and all of the kids were standing together, waiting for "the big man" to make an appearance.  When Santa walked in, Milo jumped up and down yelling, "Santa.  It's Santa".  All of the other kids just stood there, but Milo definitely put on a show.
 Taya poking Santa in the eye.  Tay hated the mall Santa.  She realized that he was handing out coloring books, and wanted nothing to do with him.  However, Santa at breakfast, gave out candy canes. . . Taya was all about that.  She would snuggle him and then point to the basket of treats--she's a smart one.  And yes, that is a fork that she is holding in the picture.  For a couple of days we couldn't get her to part with it.
 Getting to put Taya in her Christmas dress.  The little stinker wouldn't take a good picture, but she looked like a princess.  She was absolutely adorable. (Thanks Grandma Vicky).
 Christmas morning with the kids.  It was so fun to see Taya and Milo freak out over their new toys. 
 Taya was a little confused, and kind of scared when she first got up and came into the room.  Milo was an awesome big brother and showed her that new toys are nothing to be scared of. 
 Check out that great big brother promptly running little sister into a wall.
 The snoopy dogs were kind of a joke.  I was short purchase money at Kohl's, so I threw them in, with every intention of returning them.  Good thing that I didn't.  The kids loved them.
The kids were such a fun age this year.  We carted them around from party to party.  They were on extreme overload for days. Kids make Christmas a million times more fun.  They loved spending time with grandparents and cousins- the gifts didn't hurt either:)