Friday, June 5, 2015

Happened So Fast

It has been a cool summer so far, but we have managed to go to the pool almost every day.  The kids have LOVED it.  Milo is an amazing swimmer for being four years old.  I was really hoping that he would be able to touch the bottom of the pool this year, but he's still a little bit too small.  We told him that if he could swim the length of the pool without floaties or help then we would let him swim with just a tube and noodle. . . well he did it.  I'm telling you, he is amazing for being four.  So we bought him a noodle.   Taya of course wanted a purple on so that she could be like brother. 
Chera and I took the kids to the pool on Monday. There was one other family there and they were just sitting quietly on one side.  Lugging all of the stuff for five kids to the pool is exhausting.  We got there and I parked the wagon while propping Crew on my hip.  I was just about to get out the sun screen when I got the strong impression to turn around.  .   .  .  There at the far end of the pool I immediately spotted Taya. . . . under the water, with a purple noodle floating above her.  My heart sank.  She didn't fall in, so there was no splash.  She simply walked down the stairs holding her noodle, thinking that she was being safe, lost grip of it, and went under.   She was trying to tread, but her little hands weren't even breaking the surface of the water.  It seriously was so fast and 100% silent.  No one actually saw when exactly she went under, that was one of the things that scared me the most.  I didn't know if she had been under for 5 seconds, or 50.  A million things raced through my mind when I saw her.  "She is still moving, it's going to be okay. Do I leave Crew on the cement and hope he doesn't follow me into the pool?  How long has she been in there?  Please don't go limp, please keep moving.  Oh my gosh, she is three.  How did I not keep my eyes on her.  It's going to be okay, just get to her. Please keep on moving."  I yelled at Chera to take Crew, sprinted the length of the pool, and jumped in for her.  the whole time I kept praying, "please don't go limp".  I got to her and pulled her out of the water.  She was coughing and terrified, but okay.  Poor little thing just kept saying, "I was just sinking so bad." 
I held her wet little body so tight. 
Things happen so fast!  I 100% know that Heavenly Father was looking out for us that day.  It was kind of a funny thing.  That morning when I said my morning prayers (which are always groggy and not super),  I got off my knees and then got the strong impression to pray for the safety of my children.  I quickly threw up a, "oh, and please help me keep my children safe".  I honestly gave a minimal effort, but now looking back, I am so sure that those two promptings that day made the difference of 30 seconds-30 seconds that saved Taya's life. 
Since then I feel like I have been clinging to her.  All of the "what ifs"  keep running through my head.  So often I forget how fragile life is.  How powerful and merciful our Heavenly Father is. And how the little things add up to be the big things in life.  I love my Taya so much and I am so grateful that she is okay.  That terrifying moment has definitely renewed my faith, and made me eternally grateful for a Heavenly Father who is personally involved in my life, and who wants to help me in everything I do.