Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the Season

I love the whole month of December.  So many fun things to get the kids all hyped up for Christmas.  Last Sunday we got to experience gingerbread houses... well gingerbread tractors, thanks to Grandma Bird.
Taya just stuffed her face with handfuls of candy.  She never actually touched her house, but she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Milo obviously enjoyed it too. 
Look at that smile!  Priceless.  Aunt Ellie was singing the gummy bear dance and cracking him up.
Milo is so big this year.  He gets to experience all of these fun festivities for the first time and it makes me so happy to get to watch him!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vegas Baby

We took our first vacation without our kids. 
We went to a couple of shows
Walked the strip (in the pouring rain).

Played in the arcade.

We gambled. . . Not like boring slots gambled, we fell in love with roulette.  Chris was awesome at winning... and I was awesome at losing all of his winnings:).

It was amazingly fun to have some time together.  I couldn't believe how relaxed I was from the moment we took off.  I have never been away from the kids like that, and I was worried that my anxiety would outweigh our vacation fun-but it didn't.  Probably because the kids were having the time of their lives with grandma.  A couple days after we were home Milo looked at me with those killer brown eyes and asked, "are you going to leave me at grandma's?"  I felt this twinge of guilt, "No, buddy Mommy is staying with you.  I'm not going anywhere."  In the middle of the smothering hug (given by me), he says, "Ah man, Grandma's fun.  You go to the airport and Grandma can sleep over".  .   .   .  .  .  .  He obviously missed us lots.