Monday, January 18, 2016

Milo Saves the Day

The day after Christmas we bravely set out for our fist real family vacation.  We went to San Francisco to visit family.  Crew and I flew, and Chris and his parents drove out with the two older kids.  Two hours in a plane sounded like torture... I didn't know how 13 in a car was even feasible!   However, we all got there with relative ease. 
It was so much fun to be with family, and get to see the kids play with their cousins. . . but lets face it, vacations with kids are exhausting!  Especially when you are 1 and 3 years old.  Lets just say Taya had a few come aparts, and Crew had a little more than a few come aparts. Milo however, was a rockstar! He played hard with cousins day in and day out, without having to be scolded the entire trip.   He was so polite and sweet.   It just made my heart beam with pride at what a good boy he is. 
 He and Chase both got Legos for Christmas. . . and even though they are 15 years apart, these cousins had such a good time together.
The younger two really did a good job too. . . they are just little.  And when I would have my hands full and think, "ah is struggling with these two really worth it?"   I would see Milo beaming form ear to ear having the best time ever.   He was excited for everything that we did.   Loved spending time with everyone and anyone. He blew me away by how solid he was. 

Seriously made everything so much fun!   He sang his little heart out at Karaoke.  What a hillbilly!  I seriously love that he is such a country boy!

He schmoozed Allison.  He kept telling me I hope that she doesn't marry her boyfriend, because I really love her instead.  I didn't bother to explain that she is related to us:)

Milo also got to experience the ocean.   It was pretty cold, but he was determined.  The first wave came in and just touched the souls of his boots.  He looks back and smiles HUGE at us, "ha waves, I've got my John Deere boots!"  In that moment he thought that he was invincible.. . Until the next wave came in and poured over the top of his boots and nearly took him out!   
After that he caught a ride from cousin Chase.  He made the whole trip worth it!   I can't even put into words how proud I was the entire trip.   He is such a tender hearted, fun loving, good good boy.  I love him to pieces.   I keep thinking that he is getting so big, I should stop doting on him like he's my tiny baby, but I can't help it, he is just so stinking cute, I can't help but spoil him rotten. 

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