Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I really don't like dance.   I feel really weird about little girls in skimpy outfits shaking their stuff on stage.   I was never that girly, and never thought that my daughter would be that girly.... but Taya beats to her own drum... her own fancy/prissy/petite/bedazzled drum.   She was 0% interested in soccer, she just wanted to take dance class.  So we did it.   Community dance at the city building with a 20 minute recital to end the session.    From day one Taya loved it. Especially when they brought out the ribbons and swirled like butterflies.   It was the least competitive class I've ever seen.   Her teacher put her front and center for the recital.   I thought it was kind of funny because The first move in the dance is flapping your wings like a butterfly, and usually Taya just sticks with that move the entire song.  Occasionally laying on the floor to take a break.   She was oblivious to the teacher or other girls doing their arabescs and ballet hands.   I loved it.   Taya loved it.   Her teacher always told her she did a beautiful job.   My kind of dance class! 

The day of her recital came, and she was beyond excited.   I was nervous for her.   I told her about twenty times where I would be sitting, and what to do if she needed help.   Finally she looked at me and said, "I got it mom."   So I left her sitting with her class and nervously took my seat.   Before the show her teacher explained that sometimes our tummies feel nervous, but that she had some magic glitter spray that would make the performance so fun.   She explained that it would give them the magic to smile so big and make all the people watching so happy.   (Hippie/magical teacher... yes please)!   So with her glitter magic on, she took the stage beaming.   Come to find out, she knew the dance all along.   She did amazing!!!   She looked so big and so happy up there.   I was bawling of course.  She was seriously the best/most adorable mom... Then it hit me-- I'm totally a dance mom!   Yikes!    For the finale the kids got glow sticks and the teacher let them run loose on the stage.   Taya danced her little heart out.   The curtain went down and she kept a dancing.   The encore curtain went up and yep, she was still going.  Kids found there parents, and Taya kept dancing.  She was literally the last one on the stage.   She thought that it was the greatest thing ever... so did I!  Tay is really not too physical of a kid.   I don't think she's ever exercised that hard in her entire life!  She was wild and free and soooo happy.   It was amazing.

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