Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Milo Kalai

 It must be nostalgic Tuesday or something because I'm getting all choked up looking at these photos.  This little man is about to start pre-school.  I can't believe it!  He is such a good boy.  Like I know that everyone likes their own kids, but he really is so good.  He has the most tender heart and is very emotionally aware.  
 This summer he chose to try out golf.  We were really pushing him toward soccer, but his little heart was set.  I called the golf course, and they said it was really for 6 and up, but that if I thought that he would follow directions, that he could try.   He was the cutest golfer I've ever seen.   He tried so hard, listened to his teacher, and rocked it.   His little arms are seriously just barely strong enough to swing that club around.  Chris and I were both so proud of him.   
Taya started gymnastics and was struggling.  She wanted to do it, but was unsure about going to class all by herself. . . So I sent Milo with her.  I never would have dreamed that the best thing for Milo would be to put him in a 3 year old girls gymnastics class.   Come to find out, he is awesome at listening to directions, and has the best form ever.   After 3 weeks they asked him to join their all-star team.   I thought it was hilarious.   I never really meant for him to excel at gymnastics... but whatever, he loves it and now Taya goes to class and loves it too.  I'm keeping them in the same class.  They are so cute out there doing their tricks together. 
 I would definitely describe Milo as an intellectual.  He seriously internalizes and thinks so deeply about things.   The other day he asked me who the oldest person that I know is.  I told him that his great-grandpa Charlie is 93, and that's the oldest person that I know.   He said, "wow, he's going to die."  I may have laughed out loud at this response and quickly reprimanded him with a, "but don't tell that to him."  Which was obviously followed by him asking, "why?"   I told him, "because that might make him feel sad.  If someone told you, you are going to die, would that make you happy?"  Then he says, "mom if someone told me that, I would be really happy.  I want to die because that means that I will be with Heavenly Father, and Jesus will give me all of the things that make me happy, like a cat mini-ex.   Plus when I live in heaven, then I will get to play with Logan and Austin (his friends that moved to Alabama) all the time." 
It is so nice to have him as the big brother.  He is such a good example to Taya and Crew.  He keeps everyone safe and happy.  Sometimes I think that it is a burden for him to have to be the oldest.  I know that there is a lot of expectation on him to be good and help out, but he really handles it so well.   He is such a stud.  I love it when he calls Crew, "little stinker" and gives him hugs.   Or when I catch him sneaking into Taya's room in the early morning so that they can lay in her bed and talk.   Ah man, I can't believe that he is almost 5- almost a school boy.  I honestly wish I could keep him home with me forever.   I will miss him too much while he's at school!

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